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Harvia Safety Railing SASPO241L

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The Harvia safety railing SASPO241L is designed to be installed around the handmade Harvia Legend heater to increase bathing safety. Made of heat-treated birch, the safety railing is installed directly onto the heater, making it uncompromisingly sturdy. Suitable with the Harvia Legend 150150 SLPro PO10EPro PO10E 3PHPro PO12E, and Pro PO12E 3PH.

The LED lights of the railing create a beautiful atmosphere around the heater and are sure to spark many new stories in – and about – the sauna. Equip your Legend with sturdy safety railing with lights and enjoy a luxurious sauna experience in peace. The master blacksmiths of Harvia wish you memorable and safe moments in the sauna.