Indoor Saunas


Variant Line Saunas: Indoor Saunas

The basic dimensioning of the Harvia Variant Line is ample and provides the opportunity for a variety of different arrangements of indoor saunas. Variant Line is also the most transformable of the Harvia sauna lines; you are free to choose the wall and ceiling materials, as well as the windows and doors, from Harvia’s extensive range in accordance with your own taste. You can select the interior design of your Variant sauna from Harvia Interior Design’s many alternatives.

A Variant sauna is completely insulated and, therefore, very energy efficient. Harvia Variant Line represents the modern Finnish sauna at its best. The benches, as well as the sauna interior, are designed ergonomically and with respect for original Finnish sauna traditions. The bench design and soft lighting in the sauna guarantee your enjoyment.

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Wall and Ceiling

You can choose Spruce or Pine for the wall and ceiling panelling of your Variant sauna. Spruce panelling is a slowly grown, healthy and tough Finnish softwood with sound knots that enliven the surface. Spruce secretes very little resin and retains its light colour for many years. Alder is a refined shade of red, slightly variegated and easy care.

Pine panelling is made of pure Pine board that has a slightly red tinge. Its looks improve with the patina of age and it darkens beautifully as the years pass. It’s faint fragrance of resin serves as a reminder of clean Pine forests.

Interior Options

Furnish your sauna according to your own taste

Alluring, soft shapes.
Strong, bare lines.
The symphony of shades.
Strong, captivating contrasts.
– What is your desire?

When you buy a Harvia Variant Line sauna, you can not only select the wood type for the walls and ceiling but also an integrated package from our stylish interior line to perfectly complement your own sense of style. Harvia Sauna interior packages include benches, backrests, etc. You can also furnish your sauna with separately selected Harvia glass doors, traditional wood doors and colour lights to enhance the atmosphere. Harvia Sauna Interior consists of three interior alternatives: Formula, Exclusive, Solar.

Bench Material

The benches, headrests and backrests are of pleasant, easy-care Spruce or Abachi wood. All the wood used in the benches is elegantly rounded and the front edge is of a magnificent Massive profile.

Ready to Install

Each sauna is delivered complete with clear installation instructions so you can assemble the sauna yourself or use one of our trained professional installers. The sauna can be installed anywhere indoors, in the basement, garage, attic, bathroom facilities or even a cabin in your garden.

Comes Complete with:

  •  Wall and Ceiling Panelling
  • Glass Door
  • Benches
  • Backrests
  • Headrests
  • Guard Rail for Stove
  • Floor Boards
  • Lamp with Lampshade
  • Bucket
  • Ladle
  • Sandglass Timer
  • Hygro/Thermo Meter
  • Heater