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Harvia Solide Compact Sauna

Harvia Solide Compact Sauna

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Solide is a design sauna that features stylish outer surfaces made of light-coloured spruce, with a sleek and simple design that fits in well with the look of a new residential area.

The Harvia Solide Compact outdoor sauna is designed by Vesa Vehmaa, manager of the Harvia sauna factory. The sauna combines the Finnish sauna tradition with modern Scandinavian design.

Choose world-class quality from Finland by Harvia with more than 70 years of experience, and check out our four innovative Solide outdoor sauna models. Earth, air, fire, water – these classical elements of nature can be experienced in full inside and around your magical outdoor sauna.

Outdoor saunas ready for installation come in four sizes. Harvia Solide Compact comprises an outdoor sauna that accommodates three to four people.

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