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We are a family based company that thrives on personalized concepts and manufacturing of hand crafted saunas, ideal for indoor or outdoor installation. We specialize in custom built Finnish sauna interior and sauna exterior with top quality dehydrated wood specifically designed for sauna use.

All our heaters and accessories are imported from a world renowned Finnish sauna manufacturer. Your ideas, our passion, attention to personalized concepts and satisfaction is our priority. We offer a variety of wood essences heater choices and door combinations while providing you with an assortment of accessories. Sauna Specialist will assist you in making the right choices to assure your satisfaction. We also provide excellent before and after sales services.


Harvia Solar
Sauna Heaters

Each sauna heater represents the highest technical quality. They are not only economical to use, but they also bring a touch of stylish design to your sauna and provide a truly refreshing sauna experience. The wide selection of Harvia sauna heater offers the perfect solution for a small sauna, a family sauna as well as a big commercial sauna. The Harvia control unit is the right solution if you want easy operability of the heater from outside the sauna room.

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Sauna products complement your enjoyment

Harvia knows how to make the most of your sauna experience. Harvia’s broad range of products offers everything from high-quality clean sauna stones to buckets, thermohygrometers and sauna aromas.

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When you buy a sauna, from Sauna Specialist,  you select the wood material for the walls and ceiling and the sauna interior of your choice. Sauna Specialist’s sauna interior packages include benches, backrests and other elements to complete your sauna. You can also furnish your sauna with separately-selected Glass doors and Colour Lights to enhance the atmosphere.

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New Arrivals

Decorative stone wall

In stock

Starting at $565.95*

*Please call to order 1-855-689-2422

Rock-solid design

Harvia brings to the market a sauna interior innovation that helps you turn your sauna into a stylish complex. The Harvia decorative stone wall can be mounted behind the heater, or it can be used to cover a whole wall or even just one corner. The decorative stone wall can easily be attached directly on the panelling.

If you are looking for an easy way to brighten the look in your sauna, the Harvia stone wall is your choice. The decorative stone wall can be used in both old and new saunas. The decorative stone wall is made of high-quality ceramic stone imitation. The aluminium rails give your sauna an upright look. The decorative stone wall is an eye-catching detail.

The lower part of the decorative stone wall is made of brushed steel which enables you to mount a wall-mounted heater stylishly. When mounting the heater, it is important to note that the mounting screws must be placed in the supporting elements of the wall. The delivery includes mounting supplies and drill bits for mounting the stone wall and a wall-mounted heater.

The decorative stone wall completes the interior of your sauna. Together with the Harvia sauna interior model, it gives your sauna a finalised touch.

Note! Please check the heater safety distances from the heater’s instructions for installation and use. The decorative stone wall is not suitable to be used as a protective wall or mounted near the woodburning stove. If you wish to shorten the stove safety distance, please use the Harvia protective sheath and bedding.

Woodburning stove Harvia Classic 220 Duo

In stock


*This sauna stove is available upon special order

Rocks sold separately. You will need to order 3 boxes (20kg each) of rocks to go with this heater.

You will need to order a North American chimney adapter (4″ to 6″) for this product.

For more than 2000 years, Finns have poured water on hot stones to create steam, and to activate the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself through sweating. Humidity and heat are uniquely combined in the Finnish Sauna Climate. This essential combination of steam and heat has often been misunderstood around the world, leading to the result of dry heat. This is a violation of one of the fundamental principles of a Finnish Sauna.


It is evident from viewing old drawings and photographs of ancient Finnish Smoke Saunas, that the heat and steam leaked from many places into the cold winter air. Whether the ventilation occurred by design, or accidentally as a result of haphazard construction, is subject to conjecture. Nevertheless these pictures demonstrate clearly that there has always been a third key element of a Finnish Sauna – proper ventilation.


For centuries Finns have used heated stones as the heat source in their saunas. Originally, a wood fire heated the sauna stones. In contemporary saunas the method of heating may vary, but the hot stone principle remains.