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Biocool Disinfect my Pool

Biocool Disinfect my Pool

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Biocool Disinfect my pool is odourless and chlorine-free. In other words, it does not contain any chlorine compounds that release active chlorine, and therefore does not generate any chloramines, which are harmful to people’s health. Biocool Disinfect my pool provides simple and effective disinfection of pool water and is biodegradable. No complementary products are required, although in certain cases it may be necessary to also use the flocculating agent Biocool Clear my pool water to ensure that small particles in the pool water can more easily be captured by the pool’s filter. The product works at various pH values without losing effectiveness, which eliminates the need to perform a measurement of the pool water’s pH value. With the help of the dosing module, dosing is made simple and occurs directly from the bottle, which makes this product significantly easier to use and handle than conventional methods. Biocool Disinfect my pool replaces chlorine, shock chlorination and algaecide and eliminates the need for pH measurement and adjustment.