Decorative stone wall

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Decorative Stone Wall

Decorative Stone Wall

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Decorative Stone Wall

The decorative stone wall by Harvia makes your sauna a feast for the eyes in no time. The Harvia decorative stone wall is a ready-made element that can be mounted behind the heater or stove, or it can be used to cover a whole wall or just one corner.

The Harvia decorative stone wall is a convenient and impressive-looking choice if you are not looking to renovate the entire sauna but want to spice up the visual look with minimal effort instead. Suitable for both new and old saunas, the Harvia decorative stone wall can easily be mounted directly onto the panelling. The decorative stone wall is made of high-quality ceramic stone imitation. The aluminium rails give your sauna an upright look. The beautiful decorative stone wall is sure to grab the attention and admiration of all bathers \u2013 while they are enjoying the gentle steam.

Choose Harvia quality with more than 60 years of experience.