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Roasty Boss Barbecue

Roasty Boss Barbecue

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The Roasty Boss barbecue of Kirami’s Outstanding product family includes a basic pot made of COR-TEN® steel as well as better-equipped grills. Roasty Boss products are made of cold-rolled, weatherproof COR-TEN® steel, the surface of which develops a rust-like patina over time, serving as a durable protective layer for the metal underneath. Before the protective layer is formed, some rust will come off the steel surface with rainwater.

Roasty Boss is a heavy-duty creation, guaranteed to meet the needs of even the most demanding of cooks. Standing on steady legs, the grill comes equipped with a wire rack that can be adjusted in multiple directions as well as a top rack for broiling, flame grilling, etc. The wire rack has a diameter of approximately 70 cm. For once, you can cook steaks for everyone at the same time, and boil the potatoes right there as well! This grill allows you to prepare food for even the hungriest of crowds, and its user-friendly design makes cooking as pleasant as can be.