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Harvia Black Sauna Product Set

Harvia Black Sauna Product Set

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Bucket – Ladle – Thermo/hygrometer

The Harvia Black Sauna Product Set includes a black stainless steel bucket, ladle and an easy-to-read thermo/hygrometer. This set adds a finishing touch to your stylish decoration scheme. Stainless steel withstands changes in humidity and temperature remarkably well, making it a long-lasting material for heavy duty use. The handles are made of non-heating wood, painted black, making it cool and safe to touch. The Harvia Black sauna set makes for a high-quality gift.

• Color: Black

• Material: stainless steel and non-heating wood

• Bucket volume: 4 L

• Ladle length: 37.5 cm

• Bucket length: 38 cm

• Heat / Hygrometer Size: 27 x 21 cm