Introducing the Harvia Spirit: Revolutionize your sauna experience

Discover the future of sauna heating with Harvia Spirit, Harvia’s latest innovation in electric heaters. Crafted with a commitment to safety, space efficiency, and modern design, the Harvia Spirit is a wall- mounted heater that redefines the aesthetics of contemporary saunas.

Modern elegance and space-saving design

Responding to the demands of discerning consumers, Harvia’s Product Group Manager, Arto Harvia, led the design process to create a heater that seamlessly blends modern elegance with practical space-saving features. Extensive testing on shapes, structures, and materials led to the creation of an open shape structure that not only enhances the natural beauty of round sauna heater stones but also adheres to the highest quality and safety standards.

Finish Craftmanship at its best

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the Harvia Spirit reflects Harvia’s unwavering commitment to craftmanship, safety, and performance. The newly engineered air ventilation channel ensures even heat distribution throughout the sauna, protecting individual components from overheating and extending the life of the heating elements.

Safety meets advanced technology

Harvia Spirit is not just a heater; it’s a technological marvel. The heat radiation shield on the front of the heater not only safeguards your sauna but also acts as a steam guide, directing water-induced steam to the upper part of the heater. The heating element tunnel in the stone space enhances hot air circulation, accelerating the sauna’s heating process and maintaining a consistent temperature.

High-quality development for better and safer heating

Arto Harvia emphasizes the extensive product development process, leveraging Harvia’s unparalleled expertise to ensure that the Harvia Spirit heats the sauna better and safer than competing products on the market.

WIFI compatibility for ultimate control

Harvia Spirit electric heaters are equipped with advanced WIFI compatibility, seamlessly control your sauna experience with the MyHarvia mobile application. Choose from 6- and 8- kW versions to suit your preferences.

Customization options for a personal touch

Enhance the aesthetics of your Harvia Spirit with optional accessories. Add a safety railing to accentuate the heater’s design or opt for an embedded flange for seamless installation within sauna benches.

Elevate your sauna experience with Harvia Spirit – a perfect blend of safety, style, and cutting-edge technology. For more information, visit https://www.harvia.com/en/harvia-spirit/.