Woodburning stove Harvia Classic 140 SL

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*This sauna stove is available upon special order

Rocks sold separately. You will need to order 2 boxes (20kg each) of rocks to go with this heater.

You will need to order a North American chimney adapter (4″ to 6″) for this product.

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Woodburning stove Harvia Classic 140SL

Harvia Classic woodburning stoves – A celebration of steel and stone.

The Harvia Classic series offer several models to suit wood-heated saunas of various sizes. Strong iron combined with stainless steel guarantees durability.


Through the cast-iron glass door the warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. The opening direction of the door can be changed. The stove can be equipped with a pipe model water heater. The adjustable legs make the stove easy to place in the sauna.


The recommended size of the sauna room is 212-459 cu. ft. (6–13 m3) and the maximum amount of stones is 88 lbs (40 kg).


Model WKC140
Sauna room min. cu ft (m3) 212 (6)
Sauna room max. cu ft (m3) 459 (13)
Stone capacity max. lbs (kg) 88 (40)
Dimensions width in. (mm) 17 1/2 (445)
Dimensions height in. (mm) 30 3/8 (770)
+ adjustable legs in. (mm) 0-1 1/8 (0-30)
Dimensions depth in. (mm) 18 1/2 (470)
Weight kg 108 (49)
Heater output kW 16,5
Required temperature class of chimney T600
Safety distance to sides and back, masonry walls E, in. (mm) 2 (50)*
Safety distance to sides (B) and back (C), walls and benches made of inflammable materials in. (mm) 11 7/8 (300)
Safety distance to front (The stove user needs at least one square metre of space in front of the stove D.) in. (mm) 11 7/8 (300)
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling A min. in. (mm) 51 1/8 (1300)
Fire chamber cover in. (mm) 3/16 (5)
Location of smoke outlets at rear: from floor to centre of hole in. (mm) 22 (560)
Location of smoke outlets on top: from rear edge to centre of hole in. (mm) 5 3/8 (135)
Diameter of smoke outlet in. (mm) 4 1/2 (115)
Maximum length of firewood in. (cm) 13 3/4 (35)
* Leave 2″ (50 mm) between the stove and walls, provided that the air can circulate in front and to one side of the stove. If the stove is installed in a recessed wall, leave 4″ (100 mm) between the stove and walls for the air circulation.

Woodburning stove Harvia Classic 140