Woodburning stove Harvia 50 SL

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*This sauna stove is available upon special order

Rocks sold separately. You will need to order 6 boxes (20kg each) of rocks to go with this heater.

You will need to order a North American chimney adapter (4″ to 6″) for this product.

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Woodburning stove Harvia 50 SL

SL stoves – Ease of use reaches a new level.

The SL models are designed for people who want to conveniently heat their sauna from another room or outside the building. The opening direction of the door can be changed, making these stoves even easier to use. SL stoves provide great bathing in small and medium-sized saunas.

Technical Information
Model WK500SL
Output kW 40
Sauna room min. cu. ft. (m3) 706 (20)
Sauna room max. cu. ft. (m3) 1766 (50)
Sauna room height min. in (mm) 88 1/2 (2250)
Stone capacity max. lbs (kg) 265 (120)
Dimensions width in (mm) 20 (510)
Dimensions height in (mm) 41 3/8 (1050)
Dimensions depth in (mm) 28 1/8 + 7 5/8 (715 + 195)
Weight lbs (kg) 386 (175)
Safety distance to sides and back in (mm) 19 5/8 (500)
Safety distance to front in (mm) 19 5/8 (500)
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling min. in (mm) 47 1/4 (1200)
Fire chamber cover in (mm) 3/8 (10)
Location of smoke outlets on top: from rear edge to center of hole in (mm) 22 7/8 (580)
Diameter of smoke outlet in (mm) 5 1/2 (140)


Woodburning stove Harvia 50 SL

Installation Instructions

Read and follow at all times the Instructions for installation and use.

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