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Woodburning protective sheath

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Woodburning protective sheath

Woodburning protective sheath ensures safety.

Harvia has designed a durable and safe woodburning protective sheath for the fireplace, which reduces the safety distance significantly. The woodburning protective sheath efficiently prevents the effects of direct heat on combustible materials.

The sheath is made of aluminium-zinc-coated steel sheet. Its temperature does not rise above 80 ºC during normal use, so it can be mounted horizontally as little as 50 mm from combustible wall materials. The protective sheath and protective bedding must be used at all times when the structure and/or finishing is other than: a cement slab, a cinder block, or ceramic on a cement slab or cinder block.

Technical Information
Model WX017
Dimensions width in (mm) 22 (560)
Dimensions height in (mm) 39 1/2 (1010)
Dimensions depth in (mm) 24 1/4/33 1/2 (615/850)
Additional information Protective sheath

Woodburning protective sheath

Installation Instructions

Read and follow at all times the Harvia Instructions for installation and use.

The Harvia Protective sheath and bedding is approved for the following Harvia products:

Sauna stoves: M320 Pro seriesPremiumGreenFlame

Required for this product
Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 25.75 × 40 in