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Harvia Flare Smoker

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The Harvia smoker is a handy, versatile device for preparing food in the summer.

Fish delicacies cooked over an open fire, smoked, grilled or steamed.

For those who appreciate only the best.

At Harvia we know all there is to know about saunas. And after a sauna bath what is better than some real fish delicacies? With the Harvia flare smoker you can prepare salmon cooked over an open fire and smoked fish, and you can grill or steam almost whatever you like.

It is made chiefly of stainless steel. All the grills are chrome plated and are washable in the normal way. The smoker contains a heat conductor, a fat separator, smoking grills, and a flare grid with holders. An optional extra is a thicker heat conductor, which functions like a (masonry-based) pan, for frying fish, pancakes and vegetables. The fire chamber can be used to cook baked potatoes, turnips or even roast meat. You can also cook steaks and chicken quickly over an open fire.

The product comes with a book of recipes à la Harvia, written by experts.

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