Harvia electric Sauna Heater Cilindro Steel 6.8KW B

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Rocks sold separately. You will need to order 4 boxes (20kg each) of rocks to go with this heater.

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Harvia electric Sauna Heater Cilindro Steel 6.8KW B

Harvia electric Sauna Heater Cilindro Steel B 6.8KW models are equipped with an external control panel, which makes it possible to embed the heater into lower bench. Embedding enables sauna interior designs where the heater has its own natural place – the design does not have to depend on reachability of heater controls.

The splash-proof control panel can be placed inside or outside the sauna room. The embedding flange HPC2 made from stainless steel is designed for finishing the bench embedding. It works also as a heat radiation shield and makes for a stylish unified whole.

Digital control technology makes heater use accurate and easy. The massive sauna stone amount of the heater gives a magnificent sauna bath and pillar-model provides an opportunity to adjust the nature of the heat: soft when throwing water to the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar.

Technical Information
Sauna Room min.-max. cu. feet (m³)  141-354 (4-10)
Watts  6800
Voltage  240
Amps  (28.25 Group-1) (18.9 Group-2)
Wire Size  #10/2 x 1                     #12/2 x 2
Phase          1                                  1
Installation Instructions

Read and follow at all times the Harvia Instructions for installation and use.

Required for this product
Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in