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The Harvia 20 LS Pro stove is a popular choice for cottage saunas thanks to its practicality. The left side of the stove features a fixed and easy-to-use 30-litre water tank that heats up the water while the stove is being heated for bathing. The Pro model has a graphite black outer casing with stainless steel on the front side and a robust and impressive glass door that enables bathers to watch the calming glow of the fire. Thanks to the large stone compartment of the stove, the steam is as pleasant and hearty as you can wish for. Find out more and join the ranks of professional cottage sauna bathers.

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A perennial cottage sauna favourite with a water tank


Harvia 20 LS Pro and 20 RS Pro with water container on the side are practical stoves that provide a good, hot sauna bath. Water will be heated in the 30-litre water container by the time your sauna is ready for bathing.  Through the cast-iron glass door the warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. The sturdy 10 mm fire space cover ensures durability. The stove features a big stone space and an air-flow spoiler made of stainless steel. The stove is also equipped with adjustable legs.

Harvia 20 LS Pro has the water container on the left side, while 20 RS Pro has it on the right side. Together with Harvia 20 ES Pro, it is now easy to choose the water heater equipped stove that fits your sauna best.

The fire chamber and combustion air channels of Harvia stoves are designed so that sauna warms quickly and the burning is cleaner. The stoves meet the requirements for CE-marking.

The recommended size of the sauna room is 8–20 m3 and the maximum amount of stones is 40 kg.

Technical Information
Color Black
Output kW 24,1
Weight kg 61,5
Dimensions depth cm 51
Dimensions width cm 58
Dimensions height cm 76
Sauna room min. m3 8
Sauna room max. m3 20
Stone capacity max. kg 40 (Ø 10-15 cm)
Water tank capacity l 30
Fire chamber cover mm 10
Diameter of smoke outlet mm 115
Adjustable feet mm 30

Installation Instructions

Read and follow at all times the Harvia Instructions for installation and use

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