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Control unit Griffin Color Light CG170T

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Control unit Griffin Color Light

The magnificence of colours.  

With Harvia color light, the atmosphere you desire is in your hands. Colors have a significant effect on the overall health of human beings. Harvia’s color light system consists of a color light device and a control unit Griffin Color Light. The system can be installed in medium-sized and large saunas.

The color light device contains four different coloured halogen lamps (green, red, blue and yellow). With the color light control unit you can set the desired colour light, adjust brightness and speed of the color light alteration.

Color light is for interior models Exclusive and Solar. Futura color light matches nicely to Formula and Futura interior models.

Digital controlling with style.

Harvia Griffin is an elegant new-generation digital control unit. With a chrome-plated digital control panel, the style is in line with other details of modern saunas and bathrooms. Small and flat, the control panel can be installed in virtually any dry place.

Versatile and easy to use.

The Harvia Griffin product family consists of four control units for controlling different devices: Griffin CG170 for controlling electric heater, Griffin Combi CG170C for controlling Combi heater and combined heater and steamer, Griffin Infra CG170I for controlling infrared cabin and Griffin Colour Light CG170T for controlling colour light system.

Harvia Griffin also offers a variety of easy-to-use optional features. There is also an option for an automatic switch-on after a power cut.

Delivery contents:
– control panel
– power unit
– data cable (10 m extension cables available, max. total length 30 m)

Technical Information
Model CG170T Control panel Power unit
Dimensions width in (mm) 3 3/4 (94) 10 5/8 (270)
Dimensions height in (mm) 4 1/2 (113) 8 (201)
Dimensions depth in (mm) 1 1/8 (28) 3 1/8 (80)
Weight lbs (kg) 1/4 (0,120) 3 1/4 (1,5)
Choosing cycle type one colour, sequential cycle, random cycle
Setting cycle speed 5–120 s
Setting brightness 20–100 %
Power W 2 x 50

Control unit Griffin Color Light

Installation Instructions

Read and follow at all times the Harvia Instructions for installation and use

Required for this product
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 4 in