Smoothing Sauna Cream – Birch Bud Extract & Honey

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Refreshes & relieves itching Softer skin Hydrates & nourishes Ideal when used after exercise / achenes  Long lasting, a small amount is enough Tender care for your skin. Birch blossom extract…


Birch Sauna Whisk

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Birch sauna whisks are most required of all. Birch whisks are good for their advanced sweat absorbing and flexibility. This whisk provides a pleasant scent and health improving substances from birch leaves: essential oils, tanning substances, vitamins C and A.

Health and enjoyment in one package
Sauna whisk, birch

Length: 45-50 cm (17-20″)
Weight: 150-180 g (5.5-6.5 oz)
Weight kg: 0,23
Dimensions width cm: 7
Dimensions height cm: 50