Decorative stone wall

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Rock-solid design

Harvia brings to the market a sauna interior innovation that helps you turn your sauna into a stylish complex. The Harvia decorative stone wall can be mounted behind the heater, or it can be used to cover a whole wall or even just one corner. The decorative stone wall can easily be attached directly on the panelling.

If you are looking for an easy way to brighten the look in your sauna, the Harvia stone wall is your choice. The decorative stone wall can be used in both old and new saunas. The decorative stone wall is made of high-quality ceramic stone imitation. The aluminium rails give your sauna an upright look. The decorative stone wall is an eye-catching detail.

The lower part of the decorative stone wall is made of brushed steel which enables you to mount a wall-mounted heater stylishly. When mounting the heater, it is important to note that the mounting screws must be placed in the supporting elements of the wall. The delivery includes mounting supplies and drill bits for mounting the stone wall and a wall-mounted heater.

The decorative stone wall completes the interior of your sauna. Together with the Harvia sauna interior model, it gives your sauna a finalised touch.

Note! Please check the heater safety distances from the heater’s instructions for installation and use. The decorative stone wall is not suitable to be used as a protective wall or mounted near the woodburning stove. If you wish to shorten the stove safety distance, please use the Harvia protective sheath and bedding.