Kuuma Sauna


Exterior Kit

Kuuma Sauna

Enjoy nature.

Sauna Specialist’s Kuuma sauna – genuine sauna enjoyment. The feeling of the open air on your skin. A combination you have to experience! For centuries in Finland the sauna was a separate building with its own unique features.

Now you can experience the same atmosphere with Outdoor sauna model: Kuuma Sauna Exterior Kit.

Whether next to your swimming pool, in your green garden or in the middle of a humming forest, a Harvia Outdoor sauna offers you authentic, peaceful moments of enjoyment.

Choose from several electric sauna heaters, you will find the same distinguished sauna spirit in your Outdoor sauna.


Chose Six varieties of wood to choose from Spruce – Aspen – HT Aspen Nordic Pine – Western Cedar Western Hemlock
Choose from two different styles of roofs available:




Roof – A strutcure insulated ceiling and Reduced slope  – 4 seasons


Kuuma Sauna Exterior Kits are available in different sizes.