A refreshing shower is a good way to start your sauna.

Relax and get used to the heat at first.  Then you can pour 1 or 2 ladlefuls of clean water on the stones.

After the first sauna, cool off by taking a shower or, if possible, go swimming.


On the following occasions you can pour water on the stones one scoop at a time.  relax and enjoy the heat by sitting or lying on the sauna bench.


Cool off a bit after your last time in sauna.  Then you can wash yourself.

Finish your bathing with a cool shower - and feel so good!

After the sauna, you can unwind, rest and enjoy cool drinks.


These instructions present general guide lines.  With time everybody finds their own way of enjoying a sauna.  However, you shouldn't go to sauna if you are very tired or under the influence of alcohol.  We recommend to use bench cloth or towel under bather in sauna for personal hygiene.