Secrets of Sauna Air Ventilation

° Based on unique Harvia heat gravity design
° To feel good you need fresh oxygen for breathing
° Harvia heaters twin controls are based on air flow

When heater stones and surrounding air get hot; the hot light air moves towards ceiling which creates a vacuum and sucks fresh air into the sauna. What comes in must go out and Harvia balance the heat in their saunas returning the air thru close duct system near the floor area underneath the benches. We call it saunas «Low heat and humidity free zone».

We at Sauna Pekka Inc. have designed, using this unique Harvia engineers natural heat gravity, system for small and large saunas successfully.

Attached presentation drawing shows the principle and when designing we calculate first the needed heating power. Based on the heaters capacity and sauna floor plan we calculate the in and out channels air floating surfaces and design them individually on our sauna floor layouts.

Sauna Pekka Inc. «Owner's Instructions Booklet» has become very well appreciated document in sauna industry for custom built sauna building as well as it is an important document for sauna authorities in sauna safety legal cases.

This booklet includes very important Harvia heaters technical information on 20 pages sections.

Hoping that this will help our sauna users and builders to understand the soul of their sauna and enjoy the smooth Finnish sauna «Löyly» miracle.


Below technical ventilation system is quite different with Harvia woodburning sauna stoves.

60 years ago Harvia in Finland started as a pioneer woodburning sauna stove industry, designed and started first factory made stoves. But for modern saunas, 95% of Harvia's today yearly 250 000 sauna heater production is electrical heaters.

With Harvia Oy Finland we at Sauna Pekka Inc. have created balanced heating and breathing air system "Natural Well-Being", based on Harvia great engineering for woodburning stove.

Very shortly speaking, we use separately :

· Primary air inlet for woodburning
· Secondary balanced heat gravity air for comfortable breathing in our saunas

With above we have reached a comfortable heat level even in our large sauna constructions.

Harvia Oy has become a legend in sauna industry. The modern friendly high-tech industrial 250 skilled workers welcome you into large production halls where your Finnish well-being saunas are born daily with a smile.

Very important note for Woodburning Sauna operations : Follow Harvia fire safety building recommendations !

Good to know:

Ventilation is integrated with Sauna Pekka - Harvia unique energy saving walls and ceiling composition (al-reflector & air cushion & loose mineral wool; no plastic and foam), combined for sauna building cultivated 90% dehydrated (K&D) phytocertified T&G paneling materials.

We use plywood forenz for T&G nailing which prevent nails to get out.


Make a note !

Our associated trained carpenters are equipped and trained to use digital laser heat testers after installation. They calibrate the UL and UL-C ruled shut down temperature to 90°C - 194°F max.

This must be done for commercial saunas before they are put in operation.

Technical details:

Interior periphery 0.00 m
Sauna floor area 0,00 m²
Interior height 0.00 m
Sauna volume 0.00 m³
Glass door add. 0.00 m³
Heated volume 0.00m³

Harvia Topclass KV00 heater is recommended
Heater rated 0 -00 m³
Power 0.0 kW
Current 240 V, single phase
Breaker 00,00 Amp=00Amp


Harvia Symphony AV0 heater is recommended
Heater rated 0 -00 m³
Power 0.0 kW
Current 240 V, single phase
Breaker 00 Amp =>00 Amp

A principle for private residence custom built sauna

Scale: 1: 20 (metric)

This drawing is property of  Sauna Pekka Inc. and is part of our sauna building material sales service. It will be released only against sauna material purchase. To use or copy it without Sauna Pekka Inc. permission is strictly prohibited.

AB1&2 = Abachi ( top banches)
Asp1 = HT Aspen (bottom bench)
(H) = Bench height
PVC = Floor covering
Interior of sauna = Black line
Forenz = Green line

Interior structure 2"x4" =Red line